Fintech Supervisory Sandbox 3.1 Pilot (FSS 3.1 Pilot)

Fintech Supervisory Sandbox 3.1 Pilot (FSS 3.1 Pilot)

What is FSS 3.1 Pilot

The Fintech Supervisory Sandbox 3.1 Pilot (the “FSS 3.1 Pilot”) provides development-stage funding support to the leading financial technologies projects that have been approved and completed in the Fintech Proof-of-Concept Subsidy Scheme (PoC Scheme) 2021. The Pilot aims to promote commercialisation and wider adoption of the projects which fit into the HKMA’s regulatory mandate. The FSS 3.1 Pilot is administered by the Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited (HKCMCL).

How does the FSS 3.1 Pilot work?


  • Application must be submitted from 31 Oct – 31 Dec 2022 and 8 Mar – 28 Apr 2023 (both dates inclusive) through the dedicated
  • FSS 3.1 Pilot application portal of HKCMCL with the required documents listed on the dedicated website for the FSS 3.1 Pilot.

Project Scope:

Qualifying FSS 3.1 Pilot projects must:

  1. be directly related to i) Cybersecurity, ii) Regtech (e.g. AML / biometric authentication / remote account opening / transaction monitoring / credit assessment / other examples from “Regtech Watch” or “Regtech Adoption Practice Guide”, and/or iii) Risk Management;
  2. address a practical issue, or a pain point faced by the banking industry with no prior used case in the market;
  3. be governed by a sponsorship agreement or letter of intent in writing between the applicant and the project sponsor; and
  4. demonstrate strong potential for commercialisation.


Applicant must 

  1. be registered in Hong Kong under the Business Registration Ordinance (Cap. 310);
  2. be conducting substantive Fintech activities in Hong Kong. Eligibility of applicants will be separately verified and assessed where necessary;
  3. have participated in PoC Scheme 2021 with the PoC Scheme project successfully approved and completed; and
  4. partner up a bank in Hong Kong as a project sponsor.


  • An approved FSS 3.1 Pilot project will be granted with 100% of approved subsidy up to HKD500,000, subject to fulfilling the terms and conditions set out in the Guide and Notes for Applicants (with hyperlink).
  • A maximum of five FSS 3.1 Pilot projects will be approved and be entitled to the funding subsidy.
For details, please refer to the Guide and Notes

Submit online application and project proposal
Eligibility checking
Result Announcement
Project commencement
Funding disbursement - initial instalment
Project implementation and completion
Funding disbursement - final instalment
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